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Food safety for managers

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Medical education in the United States and Canada : a report to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

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Health care economics

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Health economics from theory to practice : optimally informing joint decisions of research, reimbursement and regulation with health system budget constraints and community objectives

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Measuring and valuing health benefits for economic evaluation

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Fundamentals of U.S. health care : an introduction for health professionals

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Multi-criteria decision analysis to support healthcare decisions

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Visualising health care practice improvement : innovation from within

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Food toxicology

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Physical medicine and rehabilitation Q&A review

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Clinical kinesiology and anatomy

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Foot and ankle arthroscopy

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The history of the brain and mind sciences : technique, technology, therapy

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Walking well again : neutralize the hidden causes of pain

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Caring for people with dementia : a shared approach

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Dermatological signs of systemic disease

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Pearls and pitfalls in inflammatory dermatopathology

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New technologies and emerging spaces of care

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Think big, start small, move fast : a blueprint for transformation from the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

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The case manager's handbook

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NCLEX-RN questions & answers made incredibly easy!

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Medical-surgical nursing made incredibly easy!

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