書名/索書號 著者 出版項
To be a machine : adventures among cyborgs, utopians, hackers, and the futurists solving the modest problem of death

B821 O18 2017

Mark O'Connell

New York : Doubleday, c2017

Mindshift : break through obstacles to learning and discover your hidden potential

BF637.S4 O11 2017

Barbara Oakley

New York, N.Y. : TarcherPerigee, c2017

Grit : why passion and resilience are the secrets to success

BF637.S8 D836 2017

Angela Duckworth

London : Vermilion, c2017

Children, adolescents and death : questions and answers

BF723.D3 C536 2017

edited by Robert G. Stevenson and Gerry R. Cox

New York : Routledge, 2017

Insomniac City : New York, Oliver, and me

CT220.5 H417 2017

Bill Hayes

New York, NY : Bloomsbury, c2017

Qualitative inquiry & research design : choosing among five approaches

H61 C923 2018

John W. Creswell, Cheryl N. Poth

Los Angeles : SAGE, c2018

Sustainability in innovation and entrepreneurship : policies and practices for a world with finite resources

HC79.E5 S964p 2018

Antonio Leal-Millan, Marta Peris-Ortiz, Antonio L. Leal-Rodríguez, editors

Cham : Springer, c2018

Hacking growth : how today's fastest-growing companies drive breakout success

HF5386 E47 2017

Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

New York : Crown Business, c2017

When bad policy makes good politics : running the numbers on health reform

HG9396 S162 2017

Robert P. Saldin

New York, NY : Oxford University Press, c2017

Financial management for public, health, and not-for-profit organizations

HJ257.3 F491 2017

Steven A. Finkler ... [et al.]

Los Angeles : SAGE/CQ Press, c2017

Five steps to strengthen ethics in organizations and individuals : effective strategies informed by research and history

HM791 P825 2018

Kenneth S. Pope

New York, NY : Routledge, c2018

International handbook of positive aging

HQ1061 I61d 2017

edited by Rachael E. Docking and Jennifer Stock

Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon New York, NY : Routledge, c2017

Valuing profoundly disabled people : fellowship, community and ties of birth

HV1568 V953 2018

John Vorhaus

New York, NY : Routledge, c2018

Substance abuse : a reference handbook

HV4998 N562 2017

David E. Newton

Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2017

The outrun

HV5137 L767 2017

Amy Liptrot

New York, NY London : W.W. Norton & Co., 2017

Administrative ethics and executive decisions : channeling and containing administrative discretion

JK468.E7 N558 2018

Chad B. Newswander

New York, NY : Routledge, 2018

Your student research project

LB2369 L941 1999

Martin Luck

Aldershot, Hampshire, England Brookfield, Vt. : Gower, c1999

Writing your master's thesis : from A to Zen

LB2369 N994 2017

Lynn P. Nygaard

Los Angeles : Sage Publications, 2017

IELTS 5 practice tests. General set 1

AP PE1128 B826 2017 v.1

[Simone Braverman, Robert Nicholson]

[Australia : IELTS-Blog], 2017

IELTS general training & academic study guide

AP PE1128 I22a 2017

IELTS Academic & General Training Prep Team

[Middletown, DE] : IELTS Academic & General Training Prep Team, c2017

Chineasy everyday : learning Chinese through its culture

PL1129.E5 H873 2016

by ShaoLan with illustrations by Noma Bar

New York, NY : Harper Design, 2016

Notes of a crocodile

PL2892.5.U65 N911 2017

Qiu Miaojin translated from the Chinese by Bonnie Huie

New York, NY : New York Review Books, c2017

The heart

PQ2671.E64 H436 2016

Maylis de Kerangal translated from the French by Sam Taylor

New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2016

Mend the living

PQ2671.E64 M537 2016

Maylis de Kerangal translated from the French by Jessica Moore

London : Maclehose Press, c2016

My not so perfect life : a novel

PR6073.I246 M995 2017

Sophie Kinsella

New York : Dial Press, c2017

Bodies of light

PR6113.O88 B667 2014

Sarah Moss

London : Granta, 2014, (paperback, 2015)

Signs for lost children

PR6113.O88 S578 2017

Sarah Moss

New York, N.Y. : Europa Editions, c2017

The tidal zone

PR6113.O88 T558 2017

Sarah Moss

London : Granta, 2017


PR6116.H43 P723 2015

Alex Pheby

Norwich : Galley Beggar Press, 2015

All my puny sorrows

PR9199.3.T6113 A416 2014

Miriam Toews

San Francisco : McSweeney's, c2014

The Lonely Hearts hotel

PR9199.4.O64 L847 2017

Heather O'Neill

New York, N.Y. : Riverhead Books, c2017

The woman next door

PR9369.4.O567 W872 2017

Yewande Omotoso

New York, N.Y. : Picador, 2017

The Jane Austen Project

PS3606.L9359 J33 2017

Kathleen A. Flynn

New York, NY : Harper Perennial, c2017

Rich people problems : a novel

PS3611.W36 R498 2017

Kevin Kwan

New York : Doubleday, c2017

The light we lost

PS3619.A586 L723 2017

Jill Santopolo

New York, N.Y. : G. P. Putnam's Sons, c2017

Observation and experiment : an introduction to causal inference

Q175.32.C38 R813 2017

Paul R. Rosenbaum

Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, c2017

Beyond infinity : an expedition to the outer limits of mathematics

QA9 C518 2017

Eugenia Cheng

New York, NY : Basic Books, c2017

A new kind of science

QA267.5.C45 W861 2002

Stephen Wolfram

Champaign, IL : Wolfram Media, c2002

Analysis of repeated measures data

QA276 I82 2017

M. Ataharul Islam, Rafiqul I. Chowdhury

Singapore : Springer, c2017

Smashing physics

QC16.B88 S636 2014

Jon Butterworth

London : Headline, c2014

Lab girl

QH31.J344 L112 2016

Hope Jahren

New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2016

Bio and research ethics : issues, perspectives and challenges of the 21st century

QH332 B615c 2017

Marcella C. Cole, editor

New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2017

Advances in biobanking practice through public and private collaborations

QH441.2 A244 2017

edited by Elena Salvaterra & Julie Corfield

[S.l. : Bentham Science, 2017?]

Impact of religion, ethics, and regulation on stem cells research

QU325 A397 2017

Ali Alhomaidan

[S.l. : Independently Published, 2017?]

From bench to bedside, to track & field : the context of enhancement and its ethical relevance

QU550.5.G47 C198 2014

Silvia Camporesi [foreword by SØren Holm]

San Francisco, CA : University of California Medical Humanities Press, c2014

Other minds : the octopus, the sea, and the deep origins of consciousness

QX675 G583 2016

Peter Godfrey-Smith

New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2016

Ethical challenges in oncology : patient care, research, education, and economics

QZ21 E84 2017

edited by Colleen Gallagher, Michael Ewer

London, U.K. : Elsevier/Academic Press, c2017

Problem solving in older cancer patients

QZ266 P962 2016

edited by Alistair Ring ... [et al.]

Oxford, UK : Clinical Pub., published in association with the Association of Cancer Physicians and the British Geriatrics Society, 2016

Planet LED

TK7871.89.L53 L795 2014

by Teddy Lo

[Novato, California] : ORO Editions, c2014

An introduction to ethical, safety and intellectual property rights issues in biotechnology

TP248.2 N174 2017

Padma Nambisan

London, U.K. : Elsevier/Academic Press, c2017

Processing contaminants in edible oils : MCPD and glycidyl esters

TX560.O3 P963 2014

editor, Shaun MacMahon

Urbana, Ill. : AOCS Press, c2014

The digitization of healthcare : new challenges and opportunities

W26.5 D574m 2017

Loick Menvielle ... [et al.], editors

London, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan, c2017

Distracted : how regulations are destroying the practice of medicine and preventing true health-care reform

W26.5 H148 2017

Matthew Hahn

New York, NY : Skyhorse Pub., c2017

Research and ethics for the medical profession

W50 A327 2017

J.M. Albareeq

[S.l.] : Partridge, c2017

Core ethics for health professionals : principles, issues, and compliance

W50 P534 2017

Robert F. Phalen

Cham : Springer, c2017

Humanitas : readings in the development of the medical humanities

W61 H918 2015

edited by Brian Dolan

San Francisco, CA : University of California Medical Humanities Press, c2015

Healthcare technology management systems : toward a new organizational model for health services

W82 V699 2017

Luis Vilcahuamán and Rossana Rivas reviewed by Tobey Clark

London, U.K. : Elsevier/Academic Press, c2017

Social research in health and illness : case-based approaches

WA20.5 P538 2018

Constantinos N. Phellas and Costas S. Constantinou

Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon New York, NY : Routledge, 2018

The law of emergencies : public health and disaster management

WA33.AA1 H946 2018

Nan D. Hunter

Kidlington, Oxford, U.K. : Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann, c2018

Evidence-based public health

WA100 E93 2018

Ross C. Brownson ... [et al.]

Oxford New York, NY : Oxford University Press, c2018

Health economics and healthcare reform : breakthroughs in research and practice

WA540.1 H434i 2018

[edited by] Information Resources Management Association

Hershey, PA : IGI Global, c2018

Absolute risk : methods and applications in clinical management and public health

WA900.1 P527 2017

Ruth M. Pfeiffer, Mitchell H. Gail

Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, [2017]

To feel what others feel : social sources of the placebo effect

WB330 J96 2012

Stewart Justman

San Francisco, CA : University of California Medical Humanities Press, c2012

Therapeutic touch : research, practice and ethics

WB890 T398 2017

edited by Martin Rovers, Judith Malette and Manal Guirguis-Younger

[Ottawa] : University of Ottawa Press, c2017

The vaccine race : science, politics, and the human costs of defeating disease

WC11.AA1 W123 2017

Meredith Wadman

New York, N.Y. : Viking, c2017

How to survive a plague : the inside story of how citizens and science tamed AIDS

WC503.7 F815 2016

David France

New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2016

The supreme triumph of the surgeon's art : a narrative history of endocrine surgery

WK11.1 S959 2013

edited by Martha A. Zeiger, Wen T. Shen, Erin A. Felger

San Francisco, CA : University of California Medical Humanities Consortium, c2013

The neuroscience of intelligence

WL705 H149 2017

Richard J. Haier

New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017

Behavioral science

WM18.2 F144b 2017

Barbara Fadem

Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, c2017

The Firefly Project : conversations about what it means to be alive

WM450.5.W9 P451 2013

[Cynthia D. Perlis]

San Francisco, CA : University of California Medical Humanities Press, c2013

Follow the money : funding research in a large academic health center

WX27.AA1 B775 2016

[Henry R. Bourne & Eric B. Vermillion]

San Francisco, CA : University of California Medical Humanities Press, c2016

Partiality and justice in nursing care

WY85 N832 2018

Marita Nordhaug

Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon New York, NY : Routledge, c2018

The last act of love : the story of my brother and his sister

WZ100 R422 2015

Cathy Rentzenbrink

London : Picador, 2015, (paperback, 2016)

Tell me again : poetry and prose from the Healing Art of Writing, 2012

WZ350 T273 2014

edited by Joan Baranow, David Watts

San Francisco, CA : University of California Medical Humanities Consortium, c2014