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4 3 2 1

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Miss Burma

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The nature of scientific knowledge : an explanatory approach

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Scientific ontology : integrating naturalized metaphysics and voluntarist epistemology

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Designing bots : creating conversational experiences

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Meaning of life & the universe : transforming

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Illustrated dictionary of parasitology in the post-genomic era

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Ganong's medical physiology examination & board review

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Compendium of biophysics

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Introduction to exercise science

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The life of Professor Robert Hugh Pritchard : the rise of genetics at Leicester

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Case studies in physiology and nutrition

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Discovering nutrition

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Patent law and intellectual property in the medical field

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Basic skills in interpreting laboratory data

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Fenner and White's medical virology

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Debating cancer : the paradox in cancer research

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Biomarkers in cancer screening and early detection

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Advanced engineering mathematics

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Microelectronic circuits

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Food safety assessment of pesticide residues

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Law, liability, & ethics for medical office professionals

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Law, medicine, and medical technology : cases and materials

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Legal and ethical issues for health professionals

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Medical law & ethics

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Medicine, patients and the law

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Regulating patient safety : the end of professional dominance?

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Health & wellness

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Managing innovation in healthcare

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Leadership in healthcare : essential values and skills

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Introduction to health care management

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PROPEL to quality healthcare : six steps to improve patient care, staff engagement, and the bottom line

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Dismantling the NHS? : evaluating the impact of health reforms

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New perspectives in forensic human skeletal identification

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Green infrastructure and public health

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Occupational health and safety for the 21st century

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The European Union as a global health actor

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Textbook of global health

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Global health

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Just and lasting change : when communities own their futures

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Evidence-based practice : an integrative approach to research, administration, and practice

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Pharmaceutical freedom : why patients have a right to self-medicate

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Photographic atlas of bones and anatomical models

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McMinn's color atlas of lower limb anatomy

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The new science of consciousness : exploring the complexity of brain, mind, and self

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The radiography procedure and competency manual

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Gray's surface anatomy and ultrasound : a foundation for clinical practice

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Long-term care : how to plan and pay for it

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Essentials of clinical geriatrics

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Healthcare emergency incident management operations guide

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Doing a literature review in nursing, health and social care

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The first transplant surgeon : the flawed genius of Nobel prize winner, Alexis Carrel

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An open and shut case : the story of keyhole or minimally invasive surgery

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