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An inconvenient sequel : truth to power : your action handbook to learn the science, find your voice, and help solve the climate crisis

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Chemistry : the molecular nature of matter and change

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Chemical and synthetic approaches in membrane biology

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Hydrocarbon and lipid microbiology protocols. Petroleum, hydrocarbon and lipid analysis

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Introduction to genetic analysis

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Computer-aided drug discovery

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Laboratory fundamentals of microbiology

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Microbiology : an evolving science

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Integrated microelectronic devices : physics and modeling

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Integrative environmental medicine

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Have bacteria won?

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Public health risk assessment for human exposure to chemicals

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Basic & applied concepts of blood banking and transfusion practices

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Mechanisms of clinical signs

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Integrative medicine

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Practical transfusion medicine

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Human nutrition

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Handbook of lipids in human function : fatty acids

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Drug allergy testing

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Biology of vascular smooth muscle : vasoconstriction and dilatation

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West's pulmonary pathophysiology : the essentials

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Diagnostic pathology. Vascular

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Cardiovascular diseases : genetic susceptibility, environmental factors and their interaction

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Cardiovascular pathology

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The ESC textbook of vascular biology

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Specialist in blood banking : study guide

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Executive functions in health and disease

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Textbook of evolutionary psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine : the origins of psychopathology

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Psychosocial assessment in mental health

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Quantitative biomedical optics : theory, methods, and applications

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Fundamentals of medical imaging

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Perioperative management in robotic surgery

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Pancreas, kidney and skin regeneration

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Neuro-ophthalmology illustrated

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Anatomy of the eye and orbit : the clinical essentials

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The retinal atlas

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Guide to the microscopic examination of the eye

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NANDA International, Inc. nursing diagnoses : definitions and classification 2018-2020

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The APRN's complete guide to prescribing pediatric drug therapy 2018

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Band-aid for a broken leg : being a doctor with no borders (and other ways to stay single)

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